Play, Explore and Find Your Voice at One School Preschool.

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Early Childhood Pillars of Education

Reggio-Emilia Inspired

This world renowned philosophy on Early Childhood Education guides our work to spark curiosity in children.

Inquiry Based Discovery

Children lead their own learning by asking questions, exploring their real world environment and engaging in imaginary play.

100 Languages

Reggio-Emilia founder, Loris Malaguzzi, describes in his 100 Languages poem how children learn and communicate through many languages such as music, painting, drawing, drama, sculpting and speaking.

Environment is a Teacher

Our classrooms are designed to encourage collaboration, communication and creativity. Through exposure to natural light, order and beauty, students thrive in an inspiring environment.

“In the Reggio Emilia preschools, however, each child is viewed as infinitely capable, creative, and intelligent. The job of the teacher is to support these qualities and to challenge children in appropriate ways so that they develop fully.”  

Louise Boyd Cadwell, Bringing Reggio Emilia Home: An Innovative Approach to Early Childhood Education

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