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Move our school and expand our future!

Our school is moving to a new location and we need your help! Our new facility will keep us serving our kids and expand our ability to serve even more children in underrepresented populations and those living in poverty.


Your Contribution Will Help:


Remodel the building to create classrooms, activity spaces, restrooms, and tech infrastructure


Build a new playground and gym


Move furniture, technology and equipment to our new facilities.

have you ever asked yourself:

Are we preparing students for the future?

One School is focused on solving the problems in education for students in all socioeconomic environments. Preparnig them for the jobs of the future that don't even exist yet.

Creativity is among the top essential skills for the future

World Economic Forum

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. ”

Albert Einstein


Jobs that don't exist yet

From the start of our educational journey with your child we are focused on their future. To prepare them for jobs that we know don't even exist yet. Agile, creative and adaptable to their environments.


Education that ignites passion.

Led by highly qualified student-center teachers who are utilizing tools, strategies and resources created from the latest research from Ohio State, Columbia, Harvard, the Henry Ford Learning Institute, the Museum of Science and the National Science Foundation to unlock your student's potential.


What parents and students are saying

But none of what we say matters if our parents and students aren't excited, right?

“We are creative, out of the box thinkers!”
Student, Age 8
“It’s different here because we use the design thinking process. When we use it, we think of God and He helps us through our projects.”
Student, Age 8
“Watching my daughter grow each year is so rewarding. She loves to tell us about her projects and what she’s learning.”
“I’m happy with how my children are developing character and their faith in God. Raising children can be challenging and I’m glad I have One School’s support.”

Your Contribution Will Help

We are inviting each member of our community to show their support by making a pledge that will directly contribute to moving the school. Whether you're able to give $1 or $10,000, every gift further enables us to equip our students with the tools to create solutions that positively impact the world around them.

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